Wellness retreat plans for Williamson’s Lake revealed in ALR application

Plans for a large wellness retreat at Williamson's Lake have been unveiled in an Agricultural Land Reserve application. The large development proposal will be discussed at a CSRD planning commission on July 25.

An application has been submitted to the Agricultural Land Commission to develop a 26.2 acre piece of property along the shores of Williamson's Lake. The property would house a hydroponic greenhouse, aquaponic fish farm, and promote farm to table food production, according to the proponent. The application is currently under review process by the Advisory Planning Commission for CSRD Electoral Area B, who will discuss the project on July 25. Photo: CSRD

Plans are in the works for a large wellness retreat centre adjacent to Williamson’s Lake, which straddles the City of Revelstoke’s southern boundary.

A Korea-based company has filed an application to the Agricultural Land Commission to bring a 26.2 acre wellness retreat, complete with housing for 30 employees, a hydroponic greenhouse, and aquaponic fish farm to a 26.2 acre piece of land adjacent to Williamson’s Lake.

The applicant is proposing to develop the property for the purpose of promoting farm to table food production, hydroponic agricultural yield, and holistic education.

The proponents application to the Agricultural Land Commission focuses on agricultural aspects of the proposed wellness retreat. As the application progresses through the CSRD planning department, more details on the proposed resort will be revealed.

According to agrologist Bob Holtby, (a scientist who specializes in agricultural food practices) the proposed fish farm and greenhouse will operate year round, greatly increasing the potential for local agricultural yield during the shoulder seasons. He says surplus produce would be sold to local restaurants, the farmers market, and be donated to the food bank.

In a report submitted in support of the application and solicited by the proponent, Holtby wrote waste from the facility would be composted and sold as top soil, and said the project will advance agricultural development in the area.

“In my opinion, the proposal moves agricultural development in the Revelstoke area to a new, higher level and provides educational opportunities related to new advances in modern farming/greenhouse technologies,” wrote Holtby.

The property would house a large beach house, gazebo, 12 cabins for guests, a two-storey building which will accommodate 30 on-site employees, a craft confectionary, a parking lot, pool, and learning and adventure skills centre, in addition to the fish farm and greenhouse.

The retreat centre, employee housing, hydroponic greenhouse and fish farm would take up just over half of the property, according to a report submitted to the CSRD Electoral Area B advisory planning committee, (APC) an independent body of local residents who provide input on the planning process.

The APC will meet to discuss the proposal on July 25, in the Boulder Room of the Revelstoke Community Centre, at 12 p.m.

This is our first installment on this developing story. Check back to revelstokmountaineer.com for more updates on this significant proposal for Revelstoke.



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