We asked CSRD Area B director candidates if they plan to advocate for new policies or projects

New building permit process among list of policies to review for two candidates.

Ferries at Shelter Bay. File photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

For the first time since the early 1990s, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District Area B is getting a new director.

As part of the Mountaineer’s coverage of the upcoming municipal election we have asked Area B director candidates a series of questions covering a wide-variety of issues likely to be central in the upcoming election. The series features verbatim answers written by the candidates.

In this fifth edition of the Mountaineer’s question and answer series we asked Electoral Area B director candidates to consider the following questions:

1. Are you planning on advocating for any new policies, initiatives or projects in Area B?

2. With regards to remote communities in CSRD Area B, such as Trout Lake, Galena Bay, Shelter Bay, and Ferguson, what policies and initiatives will you pursue at the CSRD table with regards to these smaller communities?

Here are the candidates’ responses:

David Brooks-Hill

David Brooks-Hill is running for CSRD Electoral Area B director. Photo: David Brooks-Hill.

1. I will be doing everything I can to ensure that building inspections and permits will no longer be required in Area B. I believe this is important to keep the rural character of Area B by allowing people to continue to independently build their own buildings without government interference and costs.

I want to look into the idea of making the waste disposal sites free of charge for residential use. This would require cooperation with the City but I think it would be an important way to stop the rampant dumping in the bush that exists currently.

2. The areas outside of rural Revelstoke certainly are a different matter than the immediate area surrounding Revelstoke and should not necessarily be subject to the same rules and regulations. I believe that these more rural areas should be free of many regulations so long as they do not cause harm to their neighbours or the environment. In terms of zoning, I think it is less likely that smaller lot sizes would make sense in these areas where they might closer to Revelstoke.

If these smaller communities want to push for more infrastructure such as power or cell phone service and internet, I will support them in this endeavour or any other projects the residents as a whole want to see done.

Doug Stuart

Doug Stuart is running for CSRD Electoral Area B Director. Photo: Doug Stuart.

1. I do not know of any new projects in Area “B” at this moment but would welcome any discussion that comes forward.

2. An updated OCP would give residents of Trout Lake, Galena Bay, Shelter Bay, and Ferguson a voice on their community’s needs.

George Buhler

George Buhler is running for CSRD Electoral Area B Director. Photo: George Buhler.

1. I will review some of recent decisions that have been made such as the building permit requirement and the fire protection agreement, these are very costly issues, and I know that I can do better, and will work hard to make them more affordable. I will leave the projects for entrepreneurs.

2. I am not sure what they are looking for so I would listen to the concerns and and bring them to the CRSD table, as the CSRD  director I will give all the area’s my full consideration.