The Cabin bowling alley applies for patio extension

The council has received six responses to a proposed added patio at Revelstoke bar and bowling alley, The Cabin. Five of those letters listed concerns relating to increased noise and intoxication.

A rendering of the proposed patio at The Cabin. Photo: From council report.

The Cabin is looking to extend their business with a patio, a plan which will likely attract more guests and access the summer market for sipping drinks in the sunshine.

They have applied to city council to have their liquor license changed to reflect this new addition and Revelstoke councillors will debate whether to approve it at the next council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

As part of the process, local residents and businesses in a 100-metre radius were asked to submit their comments on the proposal. Six responses were received and only one letter was in total support. The concerns ranged around the potential negative impacts of additional noise from intoxicated patrons and loud music.

Jason Roe of Black Tie Properties is located one block away from the Cabin and was the one vote in support.

“We feel that this would be a great addition to a corner that has been in need of an upgrade for sometimes,” he wrote.

Fred Beruschi of The Regent Hotel listed a number of concerns including the fact that The Cabin does not have a kitchen to serve food. This was mentioned in four of the six letters, but noise was his main issue.

“Our concern is that the added noise factor could negatively impact the quality of stay for our guests,” he wrote.

Judy Lillace and Robert Lahue, who own a building around the corner from The Cabin, on 201 Victoria Road East, provided the strongest voice against the change.

“We are putting a huge amount of time and money into fixing up our building to make it a credit to our beautiful town,” they wrote. “Adding more drunk people to this part of town will undermine what we are hoping to accomplish.”

City staff have recommend to approve the Liquor Primary Structural Change as it is consistent with the official community plan, the zoning bylaw, and it is expected to help a local business while adding to the sense of place and vitality of the community.

Council may place restrictions or certain terms and conditions under which the license is granted.

To see the full council report and read the letters, see the report here.