Surprise city engineering costs could impact size of Revelstoke skatepark

The Columbia Valley Skateboard Association said an unexpected, last-minute $68,100 engineering fee imposed by Revelstoke City Council has reduced their budget by 10% and will hamper their ability to deliver a 16,000-square-foot park, which is the size of the existing skatepark in Kovach Park. They're asking council for help to offset the new fee.

The proposed redevelopment design of the skateboard park at Kovach Park. Photo: Columbia Valley Skateboard Association/New Line Skateparks

The Columbia Valley Skateboard Association (CVSA) says an unexpected City of Revelstoke engineering fee has reduced the budget for the Kovach Skate Park project by 10%. CVSA vice-president Chris Payne has written a letter to council outlining concerns about how this will impact the overall size of the skatepark.

Revelstoke City Council gave approval in late June to hire an outside engineering contractor to serve as the city’s agent during the skatepark construction Council approved for this is $68,100. In the letter, the CVSA said this city fee was sprung on them at the last minute, despite working with the city for years on the project.

“Throughout our many years working on the project, it was our clear understanding from city staff that the city engineering department would be acting as they city’s agent overseeing the design-build contractor,” Payne wrote in the letter. “We understand that the change was due primarily to the engineering department being busy with other projects. This unexpected, last-minute fee is a major problem because it has reduced our budget by about 10% and has negated the private funds we have raised this year.”

To help offset the unexpected costs the CVSA is asking council to approve $100,000 from the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation dividend fund to help maintain the plan for a 16,000-square-foot park.

Payne said currently the CVSA is working on the redesign of the park but with the hit to the budget it appears the plan for a 16,000-square-foot park will need to be significantly reduced unless council takes action.

“This will be a major disappointment to the skateboarding and all-wheel community in Revelstoke. Previously, we have scaled the park back from 20,000 to 16,000 due to budget constraints. A much smaller park may not meet some of our funding partners’ requirement that the skatepark be a regional tourist attraction that will drive visits to the community,” said Payne.

The item is slated to be discussed at council’s Sept. 12 regular meeting. Read the entire letter to council here.