String of vehicle thefts in Revelstoke overnight

Three vehicles stolen, as well as debit and credit cards that have since been used in the Shuswap and Okanagan. Police are asking residents to check their vehicles and report any incidents.

The RCMP crest.

Revelstoke RCMP are seeking tips from the public after a string of vehicle thefts in the Revelstoke area overnight.

Police spokesperson Staff-Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said the thefts seemed to start at Three Valley Gap on the afternoon or evening of Tuesday, Aug. 7 when a Jeep Liberty was stolen from the resort located west of Revelstoke on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The vehicle was later located in Revelstoke where it was left near the intersection of Victoria Road and Boyle Avenue. Next, a second truck was stolen from Cottonwood Street.

The truck was an easy target for the thief or thieves because its keys were left inside.

Shortly after that, a black Ford F-150 was stolen from Third Street. Police said they believe that truck is now in Vernon.

The missing vehicles weren’t the only things stolen. Police said several other vehicles were entered into and items were stolen from some of them. Police said in all cases, the vehicles were left unlocked. Police believe that other vehicles may also have been entered into overnight.

Police said that several bank and credit cards and pieces of ID were stolen in the incidents. Some of the stolen bank and credit cards have been used in the Shuswap and Okanagan since the thefts overnight.

In a statement, police asked residents with info to contact the police. “The Revelstoke RCMP encourage all persons who may have had their vehicle entered, to contact the police. The RCMP documents such incidents, records the items taken for comparison with found property, tracks the locations, and uses the information to seek means to prevent such crimes.”

Police also issued a reminder to residents to lock their vehicles: “These thefts of convenience can be prevented by locking vehicles and securing the keys. Although Revelstoke can be proud of its low crime rate, such an incident be frustrating and inconvenient for vehicle owners, can affect your insurance rates, and be a serious danger to the public: dangerous drivers in possession of a stolen vehicle often drive at high rates of speed, ignore traffic laws and run from the police! The Revelstoke RCMP urge all vehicle owners to properly secure their vehicles.”