Stoke FM seeks the next generation of radio lovers

The not-for-profit radio station has grown up over the years and is looking to elect five new board members at its June 1 virtual AGM

Mike Watson and Sean Whalen in the Stoke FM studio. Photo: Stoke FM

Stoke FM has come a long way since it first began broadcasting from Scott Duke’s basement on CP Hill. Born at a keg party in 2011, the not-for-profit station has done a lot of growing up over the years. Run by a volunteer board of directors and one staff member, the station broadcasts from a downtown location, has partnered with numerous local businesses, sponsors events, cross-promotes up and coming artists and shows, and has a loyal following.

“However, like anything that develops organically, the people who have been with it since the beginning now need to move on,” reads a May 18 statement from Stoke FM. “ The current volunteer-based board of directors has grown-up alongside the station, and now have careers, kids, and busy lives. It is time for them to step down, and let the next generation of go-getter-radio-lovers take up the mantel and steer the station into the future.”

Volunteers help out at a bottle drive held by Stoke FM in 2018. Photo: Stoke FM

The station is hosting a virtual annual general meeting on June 1, and is looking to elect a new president and up to five new members to the board of directors. The Mountaineer had a chance to chat with current president Ryan Buhler, who is stepping down from the role after 4.5 years.

“It’s definitely a social board,” said Buhler. “It’s also a working board, we do expect the volunteers to take on some sort of role. Fundraising is a big one. It takes a lot of people to organize and run fundraisers.”

Katie Burrell performs at the 2017 Stoke FM Comedy Fest. Photo: Stoke FM

Buhler said currently about half of the board are on-air hosts and the other half are members of the public. The board meets about every two months and meetings are currently being held virtually. The statement released by the station notes they are “looking for individuals who have experience in radio operations, experience running a small business, background in finance or law, experience or background in advertising, experience with grant writing or fundraising, or a general passion for radio and a strong desire to learn.”

Those interested in attending the virtual AGM on June 1 can email