Alleged snowmobile thief nabbed after bringing stolen sled in for repairs

Revelstoke RCMP have charged a local man with theft and possession of stolen property after taking a stolen sled in for repairs at a local business. RCMP have returned the sled to its rightful owner.

The RCMP crest.

An alleged sled thief apparently thought the heat had died down enough to take the snowmobile police say he stole to a local business for repairs.

Unfortunately for him, staff at the business recognized the sled as one which had been reported stolen.

“We received a tip on the fourteenth of March from the owner, saying he believed his [stolen] sled had been brought into a local business,” said Revelstoke RCMP Cpl. Mike Esson.

Esson said the business contacted the rightful owner and was able to take photographs of the sled. The RCMP were able to verify the sled had been reported stolen on January 30. The yellow 2015 Ski-Doo Summit was taken from the back of a pick up truck that was parked at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

While Esson said usually stolen sleds are moved out of the community, it can depend on the situation.

“This time it stayed locally, and they waited until they thought things had died down,” he said.

Police say they had obtained video of the original theft and were actively investigating the file when they got the tip from the repair shop, they said.

The man police say is responsible has been arrested and is facing theft charges. Revelstoke RCMP said a second snowmobile was found on the individual’s property and the man is now facing a second possession of stolen property charge.

The Mountaineer requested the name of the individual facing charges, but the Revelstoke RCMP said the information on the charge has not yet been sworn, so they cannot release the individual’s name.

“Revelstoke RCMP would like to thank the community for their support and the tips that were received throughout the investigation, resulting in the successful recovery of the stolen property,” said Esson in a statement.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.