Revelstoke Reflections: Tranquility

Tranquility was created from my mind's need of calmness.

Tranquility by Penelope.

Revelstoke Reflections:
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Penelope Merke/PM Glassworxs

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What inspired you to create this artwork?

Working at the local hospital, feeling overwhelmed from my day, taking my heightened energy, I needed to find peace and calmness to help me work through all the chaos and fast-paced changes coming at me during my shifts. I clear my mind let the my hands dictate where we go, and what comes out of my mind when I am not concentrating on my day. Every time I make pine needle art, the piece always tells me how it wants to form and when it's done. Tranquility was created from my mind's need of calmness.

Where did you create this artwork?
How is your workspace?

My studio is located in my home, I have accumulated equipment to fuel my ever growing assortment of materials ranging from glass, enamels, through to silversmith and wire to etching metals and hand forging wire wrapped stones. Creating a space where I live, eat, sleep and breathe creativity where inspiration can ferment is perfect !

Short bio

I am a glass artist with more than 10 years experience working as a Lampwork glass artist. My work has been published in The Flow magazine — for glass artists. My work frequently focuses on nature and sculpture. I love creating pieces that have a story to be told .