Revelstoke Reflections: Easter Lily


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Cathy English

Artwork title

Easter Lily

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What inspired you to create this artwork?

I started by making a crocheted heart garland to hang on my front porch as an expression of caring for the community. I began adding more garlands: roses, butterflies, owls, smiley face suns, ladybugs, and bunny rabbits. I then decided to make a crocheted Easter Lily to add to my porch decorations for Easter. The design was completely created by me, using photographs of real Easter Lilies as a guide.

Where did you create this artwork?
How is your workspace?

On my living room couch, surrounded by my yarn. I often had British mystery shows on as I worked.

Short bio

I am the curator of Revelstoke Museum and Archives, and for fun and relaxation, I crochet. I specialize in toys and 3-dimensional pieces.