Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine Summer 2020 issue out now

Pick up your copy of the Summer 2020 Revelstoke Recovers issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine at over 200 locations across Revelstoke now.

COVER PHOTO: For our Summer 2020 Revelstoke Recovers cover contest, we invited public submissions, and received some great shots. We chose Adam Whittingham's image of an osprey returing to its nest, with the majestic Mount Begbie in the background. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the image is a great juxtoposition of things eternal and the temporal. See our other finalist images on pages 28 and 29. Photo: Adam Whittingham

The Summer 2020 issue of Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine is now available for pick up at over 200 locations across Revelstoke. Find your copy at cafes, restaurants, retail shops, accommodation providers, public buildings and just about everywhere the public gathers in Revelstoke. To request a copy delivered to your public venue, please email

The theme for our Summer 2020 issue is Revelstoke Recovers. Our stories this issue focus on Revelstoke’s road to recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic era, letting readers know about the new challenges we are facing, and highlight the community’s path to recovery during these challenging times.

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We also have many of our regular features, including local news, food, arts, outdoors, local history, and much more.

As usual, our feature stories represent a wide range of community stories.

This month, writer Peter Worden dives into the history of masquerade balls and dances in Revelstoke, uncovering a dynamic chapter in local history, finding love affair innuendo, the trials and tribulations of a class-based clique system, a good old-fashioned Revelstoke public gripe-fest, and more. How times change.

After news broke that Revelstoke has the third-worst rate of illicit drug overdose deaths in B.C. reporter Melissa Jameson connected with stakeholders in the sector, including harm reduction workers, mental health workers, drug users, the police, and more. Her story focuses on what’s being done to prevent overdose death and injury, and what more can be done to stem the wave of opioid overdoses and deal with the root causes.

Writer Emily Kemp meets with Revelstoke resident Trish Khan, a humanitarian aid worker for Médecins Sans Frontières who works on the ground in some of the most challenging foreign aid crisis locations around the world. Khan shares her story of experience during pandemics there, including diseases often unknown to Canadians that bring suffering and hardship to those fleeing war, famine, genocide and more. The story presents an opportunity to pause and reflect on the challenges we face ahead.

In our Revelstoke Recovers feature, we spoke with community leaders who are engineering a Revelstoke response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They speak about the impact the pandemic has had on Revelstoke so far, and plans to help Revelstoke’s recovery in the months and years ahead.

As usual, find stories on Revelstoke food, outdoors, arts, culture, news, events and much more in our Summer 2020 issue.

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