Revelstoke Mountain Resort announces new groomers, partnership with Great Northern Snow Cat skiing for day-skiing

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has announced new groomers will be added to their grooming fleet this year. The resort has also announced a partnership with Great Northern Snowcat Skiing to bolster its cat skiing offerings.

Groomers at work near Revelation Lodge at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountianeer

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has announced two changes to its motorized on-mountain offerings. The announcements include new groomers on the mountain and a partnership with a regional cat skiing operation.

New groomers for RMR

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has announced a new partnership with snow cat manufacturer PRINOTH to add new stock to the resort’s existing fleet. For the 2017/18 season, the resort will add two new Bison winch cats to their existing fleet. The resort will add more cats to the fleet each year in the coming years.

In a media release, RMR said the new PRINOTH Bison groomers will be Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s most environmentally friendly snow cat, with a 90% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, meeting “{stringent Tier 4 final exhaust emission standards” set by the EPA.

A PRINOTH Bison X groomer. Photo: PRINOTH

“We have been a supplier for the resort since its inception in 2007”, said Allan Graves, PRINOTH Regional Manager. “We’re excited to expand this relationship with the addition of the new Tier 4 Bison winch cats.”

Resort president Graham Rennie said the two cats are part of a multi-year partnership plan geared towards “modernizing our grooming fleet and reducing the environmental footprint Revelstoke leaves on the planet.”

Over the years, the resort has faced some criticism over its grooming program, especially during dry snaps when the existing groomers struggle to keep up. Many of the resort’s groomers were used when purchased and are running into more and more mechanical problems as they age. In response to questions from the Mountaineer, an RMR spokesperson said the resort will now have a total of seven groomers in their fleet, and that they are not planning to retire any groomers this year.

In addition to the grooming plan, Revelstoke Mountain Resort recently announced it will be increasing its lift capacity by 25% for the 2017/18 season. The Resort will be adding 24 new cabins to the Revelation Gondola, plus 21 additional chairs to the Stoke chairlift.

New catskiing partnership

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has announced it will be the exclusive provider of single-day cat skiing within the expansive tenure occupied by Great Northern Snowcat Skiing for the 2017/2018 season.

In a media release, RMR said the new day-ski experience will give small groups of Revelstoke Mountain Resort guests access to wide-open terrain of one of Canada’s original snowcat ski operations, boasting some of the finest backcountry powder conditions in the world.

“This partnership with Great Northern Snowcat Skiing is a fantastic addition to our resort’s product offering,” said Peter Nielsen, Revelstoke Mountain Resort vice president of operations.

The partnership will add more cat skiing options to resort patrons. The resort has operated cat skiing tours for years on the southern side of Mount Mackenzie beyond the resort boundary. However, the area is heavily used by backcountry skiers and snowboarders, meaning the area is often tracked out for cat skiing customers. The resort will continue to operate its powder cat operation on the hill, which offers cat skiing after big snowfalls.

Great Northern Snowcat Skiing has been guiding small groups of skiers through the Bad Shot Range of the Selkirk Mountains, south of Revelstoke, since 1979.

“With our 38 years of guiding knowledge of the area and such a large tenure, we’re able to open up part of our terrain to day skiers, without impacting the intimate, small group feel that Great Northern has become known for,” said Peter Sudermann, with Great Northern Snowcat Skiing. “We have a lot of mountain, and a lot of snow, and it’s exciting that a more diverse group of skiers will experience that this coming season.”

This scheduled day cat skiing will be offered daily between January 3 and March 30, 2018