Revelstoke groups get funding for environmental projects

Revelstoke Bear Aware and North Columbia Environmental Society receive CBT Environment Grants.

The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada will help restore endangered whitebark pine around the Basin thanks to an Environment Grant from Columbia Basin Trust. Here a team member puts cages on tree cones to protect them from foragers. Photo: Columbia Basin Trust.

Revelstoke Bear Aware and the North Columbia Environmental Society are among 32 groups to receive funding through Columbia Basin Trust Environment Grants.

The Revelstoke Bear Aware Program received $19,000 to improve human-bear coexistence by educating residents about the importance of managing bear attractants. The North Columbia Environmental Society received $9,137 to deliver environmental education programs with a focus on ecosystem, values, invasive species and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In total, the CBT provided $870,000 in grants for projects that address environmental well-being across the basin. The projects focus on one or more of the CBT’s four environmental goals: ecosystems, climate, water or environmental education. A complete list of projects is available on the CBT’s website.

“These projects will make a difference in improving terrestrial and aquatic habitat, helping communities adapt to climate change, monitoring water resources and engaging Basin residents in environmental stewardship,” said Tim Hicks, Columbia Basin Trust Senior Manager, Delivery of Benefits. “Together, these projects will contribute to the well-being of the diverse landscapes, waterways, fish and wildlife in the Basin.”