Revelstoke Board of Education candidate profiles: Elmer Rorstad

Candidates share key issues they’d like to tackle if voted in as trustees on the board of education.

Current trustee Elmer Rorstad is looking to get re-elected to the Revelstoke School District 19 Board of Education. Photo: Elmer Rorstad.

Boards of education are an important part of municipal governance, but often overlooked. As part of the Mountaineer’s coverage of the upcoming municipal election we’ve asked trustee candidates for the Revelstoke School District 19 Board of Education to share how they can help enhance education in our community.

According to the British Columbia School Trustees Association trustees “engage their communities in building and maintaining a school system that reflects local priorities, values and expectations.”

We asked each of the candidates to answer three questions about their qualifications, key issues, and what they’d like to achieve as a trustee. Here are the responses from candidate Elmer Rorstad:

What are your qualifications for the position?

Parent/Owner of Free Spirit Sports/School Trustee

For the past seven years I have been a school trustee of the Revelstoke School District.  During that time I have  chaired the Finance and Facilities Committee.  I think it is important to have some consistency from one board to another and feel that I can continue to have a positive impact on education in Revelstoke.  My twenty years and more of being a teacher and business owner gives me a private and public sector perspective on educational issues in Revelstoke.

As a trustee, what key issues would you like to advance?

I have been fully in support of the Revelstoke Board’s philosophy of funding smaller class sizes, providing educational aides when necessary and channeling resources to the classroom when needed.  As a newly elected trustee, I would continue to be an advocate for providing the necessary resources to the staff and students of Revelstoke.  Also I would look forward to working with district staff in developing a multiyear strategic plan.  Increasing enrollment and technological change will have a profound affect on the finances and facilities of the Revelstoke School District.

What would you like to achieve as a trustee? 

As a trustee my goal is to provide the students of Revelstoke with the best possible education available.  I want our students to feel safe while pursuing their career goals and to graduate with a degree that will prepare them for a successful future!!