Red Bull Cold Rush returns to Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Red Bull Cold Rush is coming back to Revelstoke Mountain Resort with a new early February date. The event was rescheduled and then cancelled last season at RMR due to weather concerns.

A Red Bull Cold Rush athlete competes. Red Bull and Revelstoke Mountain Resort have announced the event at RMR on Feb. 2–5, 2016

In a Nov. 24 media release, Revelstoke Mountain Resort has announced that Red Bull Cold Rush is coming back to RMR in February of 2015.

The event was scheduled to come to RMR last season, but it was cancelled due to weather concerns.

In a Nov. 24 media release, Cold Rush described the event as fusing the disciplines of backcountry slopestyle, big mountain, cliffs, and alpine ski touring, Red Bull Cold Rush will return to Canada from February 2-5, 2016 at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia. The event will see a handful of the world’s premier skiers invited to battle it out for a chunk of the $36,000 prize purse awarded in a peer-judged format to the most versatile, well-rounded athletes. This year, fans will also be brought into the action with an all new ‘People’s Choice Award’ that will be determined by online voting in the week following the contest.

Plans to bring back the event in 2015 were cut short by a less than ideal snow season that saw the first Red Bull Cold Rush since the 2012 contest in Colorado being put on hold. While relying on the weather can be frustrating, it also highlights the uniqueness of the event; a big mountain spectacle that truly depends on the good graces of nature. There are no carefully groomed runs, elaborate scaffolding, or cooling systems that would allow a more controlled contest to run in temperatures on the plus side of zero (Celsius). Instead, it is a contest of athlete versus nature in its purest form. With already over 320cm of snowfall in advance of Revelstoke’s November 28th opening day, Mother Nature looks set to deliver in 2016.

“This seems like the strongest start to a season that I have seen in my 5 years experience,” says Uwe Gramann, Senior Meteorologist with RWDI AIR Inc. “It is always difficult to predict as nothing is certain, but there are two ways we look at an upcoming season average; one is through weather models, the second by studying El Nino’s history which can be a strong indicator. So far, it looks like we will have a slightly warmer than normal season by 1 – 1.5 degrees Celsius with precipitation dead on with normal averages. Last year, ‘The Blob’ (abnormally high water temperatures off the BC coast) was extremely abnormal, but we are already seeing it disappearing. This year is going to be quite a bit better!”

Along with a new location in Revelstoke, the event is being updated with fresh elements including innovative on-mountain features and a competition format that places a greater focus on alpine touring.

“Red Bull Cold Rush is the one and only top tier event that I, and all the other backcountry skiers, have to express our type of skills in a competition format. The fact that this amazing event is coming back to Canada just gets me all fired up! It’s where I spend my winter doing what I do, so I’ll be right at home this year,” says Sean Pettit, professional backcountry freeskier and two-time winner of Red Bull Cold Rush in 2010 and 2011.


Assembling the best of the best in freestyle skiing, the invitation-only event selects 16 men and 5 women from around the world to participate. The RSVPs were quick to come in, and the competitors have been confirmed. Introducing your 2016 Red Bull Cold Rush athletes so far:


Mike Henitiuk

Dave Treadway

Sean Pettit

Dane Tudor

Sammy Carlson

Alexi Godbout

Callum Pettit

Kye Petersen

Riley Leboe

Wiley Miller

Logan Pehota

Greg Hope

Johnny Collinson

Stan Rey

Joe Schuster

Josh BIbby


Tatum Monod

Michelle Parker

Angel Collinson

Lexi Dupont

Suz Graham