RDHF fundraiser nets $53,520 for new X-ray machine

The Revelstoke District Health Foundation launched a four-day fundraiser for a new X-ray machine at the Queen Victoria Hospital on Nov. 26, and exceeded their fundraising goal of $53,221 by Nov. 30.

Queen Victoria Hospital in Revelstoke. Photo: Bailey Gingras-Hamilton

The Revelstoke District Health Foundation (RDHF) exceeded fundraiser targets for a new X-ray machine this week, bringing upgraded testing and imaging capacity to Queen Victoria Hospital.

The four-day RDHF fundraiser began on Nov. 26 and finished on Nov. 30. According to the RDHF, the organization raised $53,520 in the short timeframe, exceeding the original fundraiser goal of $53,221. Thanks to these generous donations, the RDHF can purchase a second Carestream DRX-1 X-ray machine for the Queen Victoria Hospital in Revelstoke. This upgrade will improve efficiency and increase local testing capabilities, say RDHF officials.

“It’s been a difficult year for non-profits and charitable organizations, but I believe that people in Revelstoke understand the challenges related to [being in a] insolated community,” says RDHF chairman Steven Hui.

Originally, the RDHF planned to raise money for the X-ray machine throughout December. The initial four-day fundraising blitz was a kick-off for the initiative, explains Hui. While the RDHF expected to raise $10,000 to $15,000 from the fundraiser kick-off, Hui says local support exceeded expectations.

“Sometimes we just have to do what we can, to commit to making things as safe and accessible as we can,” says Hui.

Four companies made particularly sizable donations, highlights Hui. The Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation, Stella Jones Canada Ltd., Downie Timber Ltd., and Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. each donated $10,000 to the effort, bringing in $40,000 total and reaching the fundraiser goal.

In addition to the fundraiser, the RDHF partnered with local businesses to offer a draw for prizes. The winners of the draw were announced at 2 p.m. on Dec. 1.

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Improving local testing capabilities

Beyond the charitable timing of the holiday season, there is an increased sense of necessity for localized medical resources.

Due to historic flooding throughout British Columbia’s lower mainland, travelling for medical appointments is becoming increasingly challenging. This highlights the need for localized medical resources, explains Hui.

“It’s pretty daunting when we hear these disasters… And how each community responds. I think it’s enlightening, as well as fearful. When these [disasters] occur it brings force, the need to be prepared,” elaborates Hui.

“Our community is set to grow in many directions. We have to look at our health needs, not just for today or next week, but for three to five years, 10 years down the road.”

Beyond offering improved X-ray imaging resolution, the fundraised X-ray machine is safer for patients and more efficient for healthcare providers.

As Hui explains, the new Carestream DRX-1 X-ray machines expose patients to less radiation than previous models. Additionally, the machines’ Wi-Fi capabilities accelerate the speed that medical imaging is transferred. This means shorter test times and higher daily testing capacities.

According to the RDHF, the organization will keep all leftover donations in a separate account for future purchases in the imaging and emergency departments. With $53,520 raised, the organization exceeded fundraiser goals by approximately $300.