Powerhouse Road location approved for Revelstoke public sani-dump

In a split vote, Revelstoke City Council has given the go-ahead for a new public sani-dump to be built on city property located on Powerhouse Road.

A new public sani-dump on Powerhouse Road will provide RVers with a place to get rid of their waste. A date for the project has not been set. Photo: Creative Commons.

A much needed public sani-dump will be built on city property located at 1625 Powerhouse Road. However, not all city councillors were on board with the proposed location for the $120,000 project.

Councillors Gary Sulz and Aaron Orlando both voted against the motion to approve the Powerhouse Road location.

“I appreciate where staff are coming from on this location and comments from the community on needing a sani-dump, but I don’t believe Powerhouse Road is the location,” said Sulz. “I believe we could do a little bit more work in looking at places and coming up with some public/private agreement so we can have something closer to the highway.”

Orlando said while city staff have done good work he felt there is a need to seek more input from the community before deciding on a location for the new sani-dump. He said he would like to see more input from community members who have come forward including the tourism industry and economic development commission.

“If we shake the tree a little bit there might be opportunities to come up with another location or partnership,” said Orlando, who wanted to see the issue referred back to the economic development commission.

An image outlining the possible location of a year-round sani-dump. Image: City of Revelstoke

Alan Chabot, city of Revelstoke chief administrative officer, said staff spent a great deal of time looking at available sites. He said available land and access considerations created constraints in pinpointing a location for the sani-dump.

“Staff recommending the Powerhouse Road location have taken in technical aspects,” said Chabot, who noted other locations are farther from the sewage treatment lagoon, which would increase operating costs.

A staff report weighed the pros and cons of 10 different locations around town. Some were ruled out because of lack of either water or sewer infrastructure, such as a location in the truck pullout on the west side of the Trans-Canada Highway bridge. Others were ranked below the Powerhouse Road location due to traffic congestion issues, road safety concerns, or the ability of existing infrastructure to cope with the added sewer and water burden without various upgrades.

The motion passed with councillors Linda Nixon, Scott Duke, and Trevor English voting in favour. Councillor Connie Brothers and Mayor Mark McKee were not in attendance at the Jan. 9 regular council meeting.

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