Each One, Teach One financial literacy program comes to Revelstoke

Revelstoke Credit Union staff will be offering a series of financial literacy workshops in celebration of Canadian Literacy Month.

Leah Zacker, Amanda Rota, Deb Morabito, Allison Raven will be presenting a few of the workshops. Photo: Revelstoke Credit Union

A new program in Revelstoke will provide financial literacy education in an accessible manner throughout the community.

Several local financial service professionals recently completed 24 hours of training to deliver a series of financial literacy workshops. They are all staff from the local credit union, which is pleased to be able to provide this free and impartial service to groups in Revelstoke. With their finely honed skills they will help kick of Canadian Literacy Month by delivering a series of workshops which are open to the public.

Each One, Teach One financial literacy programs

The Canadian Credit Union Association developed the Each One, Teach One financial literacy program to deliver financial workshops in community settings, with the goal to help people from all walks of life better understand their finances.

The approach to Each One, Teach One is for trained individuals to go out into the community to schools, community groups, libraries, and more, meeting people where they are, delivering free financial information in simple and easy to understand language. The programming is focused on community outreach and absolutely no products or corporate information is promoted in these workshops. Workshops can be delivered to small or large groups. One workshop is typically one hour and is presented in English, using simple, accessible language and terminology.

Each One, Teach One workshops are presented across Canada by trained Credit Union staff. Revelstoke Credit Union is pleased to have six staff members trained to deliver these workshops in our community. A complete list of topics is available at eachoneworkshops.ca.

You can request a workshop for your group, please contact the Revelstoke Credit Union.

Upcoming workshops

During the month of November, Canadian Literacy Month, RCU staff will be conducting several financial literacy workshops.

On Tuesday, November 7 we will begin the series with An Introduction to Personal Banking, at the Okanagan Regional Library, 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. with other workshops to follow, listed below. The workshops aim to provide a base of knowledge that will allow people to make more informed decisions about their basic financial needs. We’ll cover topics that will save people money, help people to understand several service & account fees, and show people how to make interest work in their favour.

Each One, Teach One Workshops scheduled for November

Introduction to Personal Banking: Tuesday Nov. 7 – Library 6 p.m.

Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention: Tuesday Nov. 14 – Seniors Centre 2 p.m.

An Introduction to Budgeting: Tuesday Nov. 21 – Library 6 p.m.

Financial Wellness for Seniors: Tuesday Nov. 28 – Seniors Centre 2 p.m.

Please register by contacting Revelstoke Credit Union @ 250-837-6291 ext. 263 or by email.