Justin Trudeau’s back in Revelstoke on ‘personal’ time

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is back in Revelstoke, his second visit to our small B.C. town in less than six months.

Justin Trudeau poses for selfies in late July while visiting Revelstoke. Photo: Zoya Lynch/Revelstoke Mountaineer

When Justin Trudeau visited Revelstoke in late July, 2017 to encourage support for a B.C. wildfire Red Cross relief effort, he was greeted by a big crowd of supporters who mobbed the Prime Minister for selfies under a scorching hot sun. It took him the better part of 45 minutes to walk a block away from Grizzly Plaza due to the crowd.

Justin Trudeau looks stoked about his Revelstoke-made Trapper snowboard, one of several local gifts he received while visiting Revelstoke in July of 2017. He’s joined on stage by Revelstoke mayor Mark McKee, who ribbed the Prime Minister about being a snowboarder. (McKee’s a skier.) Photo: Zoya Lynch/Revelstoke Mountaineer

While on stage in Grizzly Plaza, he was presented with local gifts, including a locally made Trapper snowboard. It seems the PM, who was once a snowboard instructor in Whistler, is back to take his new stick for a rip in the Revelstoke mountains.

It’s official, Trudeau is back in Revelstoke. The Prime Minister’s official news release web page issues a daily itinerary brief for the Prime Minister. On January 2 and 3, the official statement notes that Trudeau is in Revelstoke on “personal” time. Prior to that, he was in Lake Louise on Jan. 1, also on personal time.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official itinerary web page notes he’s been in Revelstoke on Jan. 2 and Jan. 3. Image: Prime Minister’s Office website screenshot

There’s not much more to go by — the itinerary is issued daily, so it’s unclear how long he’s going to be vacationing here. He was also presented a season’s pass to Revelstoke Mountain Resort back in July, so he could be taking advantage of the free lifts.

His Twitter account has been silent since Jan. 1. His Instagram account has also been quiet for the past couple of days. If you’ve got any sightings or selfies, be sure to let us know! Email info@revelstokemountaineer.com or call/text 250-814-8710.

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