Interview: Checking in on Revelstoke Official Community Plan update with development services director Marianne Wade

The City of Revelstoke recently completed changes to the vision statement in the community's Official Community Plan, the first step in a multi-year process to overhaul the future-focused planning document. In this audio interview, we spoke with Marianne Wade, the City of Revelstoke's Director of Development Services, for an update on the process.

Revelstoke City Hall covered in scaffolding and a plastic wrap this summer due to an exterior renovation project. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Over the past eight months, the City of Revelstoke recently completed the ‘vision statement’ portion of its Official Community Plan (OCP), the first step in an overhaul of the main document that guides many decisions that affect the future direction and growth of the community.

The vision statement update made changes to the wording of the existing OCP document, which was last updated in 2009. Here, side by side, are the changes from the old, on the left, to the new, on the right.

The list of community priorities was also updated, from the list on the left, to the one on the right. To find out more about the OCP, the changes made during the vision statement update, and what happens next in the process, we spoke with Marianne Wade, the City of Revelstoke’s Director of Development Services, about the process so far and how residents can get involved.

Listen to our audio interview with director Wade via the SoundCloud app here:


Interview topics include:

-Background on the OCP

-problems posed by an outdated OCP

-what changes were made to the ‘vision statement’ portion of the OCP and why

-how residents can address tangible community concerns like housing, affordability, change in community character, infrastructure, and environmental sustainability through the OCP process

-assessing community engagement so far and opportunities for community members in the future

-engagement in the context of COVID-19 restrictions

-what happens next

Council discussion

To view council discussion on the vision statement update, see this video here, which is cued to the start of the conversation: