Interim ban on recreational cannabis production and distribution proposed for Revelstoke

Zoning amendment applications for the purpose of cannabis related uses in the city of Revelstoke would be banned until a the federal and provincial governments finalize their cannabis plans.

A commercial marijuana grow operation. Photo: Creative Commons licence

Recreational marijuana shops aren’t likely to be popping up in Revelstoke anytime soon. City of Revelstoke staff is recommending an interim cannabis prohibition bylaw that would prohibit recreational cannabis production and distribution within the city. If approved, zoning amendment applications for the purpose of cannabis related uses within Revelstoke would not be accepted until a complete regulatory program is developed and approved.

Preparation of a comprehensive cannabis framework for Revelstoke is expected at a later date.

The proposed bylaw amendment is a first step as Revelstoke prepares for the federal government’s planned legalization of recreational cannabis under Bill C-45, expected to come into effect this summer.

The federal government’s legislation will establish regulations and restrictions on the production, distribution, sale and use of recreational cannabis.

In a report to counci, Revelstoke assistant planner Mary Wong  notes that provinces and territories have the power to introduce additional terms and conditions intended to direct municipalities on how to accommodate this use within their communities. As the authority on land use decision-making, municipalities must then determine how to accommodate this use as it is appropriate to their community.

“Once the provincial regulations are in place, the city will have a better understanding of how to regulate the use and to mitigate any potential impacts to the wider community,” said Wong.

Revelstoke city council will discuss the proposed interim bylaw at the regular council meeting on Tuesday, April 10.