Brief: Highway 1 Illecillewaet four-laning and brake-check area project completed

The project is part of a larger program of improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway from Kamloops to Alberta.

Construction work on the Illecillewaet brake check area on the Trans-Canada Highway in April of 2021. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

Part of the Highway 1 – Kamloops to Alberta Four-Laning Program has now been completed. The Highway 1 Illecillewaet four-laning and brake-check area project, which is meant to improve safety for people who travel along this section of the highway, is the latest portion of the bigger program to be finished.

The project is located approximately 42 kilometres east of Revelstoke, where two kilometres of highway were widened from two lanes to four. It also included the creation of a new median barrier for enhanced safety and to prevent cross-over crashes. This widening of the highway was also meant to provide a safe location for staging vehicles in the event of a closure.

Work was also done to the existing brake-check area on this stretch to accommodate up to 15 commercial trucks. The previous brake-check area could only accommodate five trucks. The expansion also added acceleration and deceleration lanes for commercial vehicles entering and leaving the brake-check area and expanded and improved the site’s lighting and washroom facilities.

“It’s great to see this project completed. The travelling public will appreciate the safety improvements that have been made here and commercial truck drivers will welcome the widening of this stretch of highway as well the improved brake-check area,” said Revelstoke mayor Gary Sulz in a B.C. government news release.

The Highway 1 Illecillewaet project was the first of several upgrade projects planned for the Trans-Canada Highway between Kamloops and Alberta to be built using a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).

The $85.2 million dollar project was cost-shared between the Government of Canada through the Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component of the New Building Canada Fund and the Province of BC. $69.7 million was contributed by the province while the remaining $15.5 million was covered by the federal government.