Fundraising blitz for new Revelstoke X-ray machine

Fundraising drive Nov. 26-30 for new X-ray machine for Queen Victoria Hospital. Find out how to donate here.

Relief art in the concrete sculpture that was at the centre of a former water fountain in front of Queen Victoria Hospital and Health Centre in Revelstoke. Photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer Magazine

The Revelstoke and District Health Foundation (RDHF) has launched a five-day fundraising blitz to raise money to buy a new, improved X-ray machine for Revelstoke’s hospital.

The RDHF is working to raise $53,221 to help purchase an upgrade for the X-ray machine at Queen Victoria Hospital.

According to the RDHF, the current technology, computed radiography (CR), is being replaced with digital radiography (DR).

“Although [the] current CR uses very low doses of radiation compared to the days of the film, DR detectors are more sensitive further reducing radiation dose and providing better quality images and digital detectors produce images almost instantaneously, within 3-5 seconds and without additional processing, as compared to current detectors which take up to 60 seconds per image,” the RDHF said in a statement. “X-ray technologists can spend more time with patients and less time traveling in an out of the exam room for processing.”

The RDHF says Interior Health has provided funding to purchase one unit. The staff at the imaging department are requesting purchase of a second unit as a back-up and is to be used in conjunction with the first unit to add longevity to the units. The manufacturer has offered a significant discount  to purchase the second unit. However, the order must be placed before Dec 31,2021 to qualify.

IF you would like to donate to our fundraiser go to the donate section of the RDHF website or use the link below to access our online donation app at CanadaHelps.

For more, listen to RDHF spokesperson Steven Hui talk about the drive in this Nov. 26 interview on Stoke FM: