Everything Revelstoke offers up the ultimate tourist experience

Growing local success expands into the Revelstoke summer experience market

Everything Revelstoke owner Brydon Roe at their First Street East centre. Photo: Revelstoke Mountaineer

From a humble beginning in 2009 with only a single bus and an idea, Everything Revelstoke has built itself into major player in Revelstoke’s growing tourism industry with a storefront and multiple partnership contracts including Revelstoke’s winter flight shuttle service to Revelstoke.

The idea? To elevate the experience for Revelstoke visitors by providing a one-stop shop where Everything Revelstoke literally takes care of everything from booking hotel rooms and activities to arranging transportation at no extra charge to the customer. They even go the extra mile, working with customers and local hotels when Revelstoke’s infamous nickname “Revelstuck” becomes reality. When the highways are closed during the snowy winter months, arranging alternate transportation or finding guests a bed for the night.

“The concept is to have people visit Revelstoke and see the community from almost a local’s perspective,” said Brydon Roe.

Brydon, who owns Everything Revelstoke along with his brother and business partner Jason Roe, said the concept is inspired by their experience working for a ski company in New Zealand. There the brothers were responsible for looking after a guest’s entire experience. It was a way of providing a seamless customer experience.

Lara Davis, general manager of Everything Revelstoke said the goal is to promote and partner with various local tourist-based businesses to provide that fluid customer experience. Everything Revelstoke strives to lead creating an online hub where activity and accommodation providers are interconnected.

“So you can go to any company and it looks like we all work together and the guest doesn’t know what’s happening on the back end,” she said.

So far, Everything Revelstoke has created various levels of partnership, and in many cases provides a storefront location, with a number of Revelstoke businesses including Eagle Pass Heliskiing, Snowshoe Pete, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Natural Escapes Kayaking, Apex Rafting and many more. Admittedly, Brydon said there was some confusion within the tourism and business community about just how Everything Revelstoke fits in.

“It’s not a new model to have a central reservation set up where you’re representing those companies that don’t have the ability to have a storefront or don’t want to. It took a while to get understood,” said Brydon. He emphasized it’s not about creating competition but rather working together to build each others business up.

It’s safe to say at this point Everything Revelstoke has the winter tourist season dialed in. They’ve looked after the contract for Revelstoke’s shuttle flight service from Vancouver for the past two seasons, act as a downtown location selling Revelstoke Mountain Resort merchandise and lift tickets, and work closely with various other winter-focused activity companies to provide all around tourism packages while helping to promote local business.

Now, Everything Revelstoke wants to take what they’ve learned about creating a collaborative winter-tourism experience and shift that towards the community’s growing summer tourism market. Lara said they’ve begun working on developing various packages for summer including a water adventure package that includes kayaking, whitewater rafting and fishing. They’ve also got their eye on working with adventure companies to offer ATV tours, and creating adventure-based stag and stagette packages.

Similar to the winter months Everything Revelstoke plans to offer both pre-packaged and a la carte adventures, although Lara points out all of their packages are truly a la carte as customers are able to make changes to suit individual needs.

“We can do your transportation from Kelowna or anywhere you want. So if you’re a budget traveler we have options that will suit those needs, if you want to have private transportation we can provide that. Then we put them in the accommodation that suits their needs the best.”

Perhaps the best part? All of this is done at no extra charge to the customer. It’s something Brydon says is important to him as a self-described discerning buyer.

“I think OK, how am I going to have to pay for this,” he said. “It’s important it doesn’t cost you anything extra because of the relationships we’ve created.”

To find out more about Everything Revelstoke or to book your summer getaway visit everythingrevelstoke.com.