Learn to Park Skate for Roller Skates – Class 1

Learn to Park Skate for Roller Skates – Class 1
Jun 20, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Kovach Park
1000 Edward St
BC V0E 2S1
Taylor Sandell
250 258 1717

Did you buy roller skates during Covid? Do you want to hit the skatepark? I’m very excited to announce a 2 day class on roller skating in the skatepark! This is a beginners class so if you’ve never been to a skatepark that’s ok, and if you’ve been a few times this will be a great way to make sure you kick bad habits, improve faster and learn a few beginner tricks. You’ll get tailored feedback every lesson and it will be a great way to meet skating buddies at your level. You don’t need sliders or anything fancy, just skates, a helmet, and kneepads.

We will cover falling safely, pumping, skatepark etiquette, the tricktionary, gear maintenance, dropping in, and skating the bowl. The $50 includes both classes!
This class is designed specifically for quad roller skates however the information can be adapted to inline skates as well. I’m so excited to meet you all!

Please contact sandell.taylor@gmail.com for questions and bookings