Business Speaker Series: The Future of Tourism

    Apr 17, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    Regent Hotel
    112 First Street East
    Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0

    We are pleased to welcome speaker Kory Fawcett, a Canadian Software Engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of Zaui Software who will be joining us hot off the heels of his presentation at the BC Tourism Industry Conference to present his thoughts on the future of tourism!

    And guess what? One of the key points is encouraging businesses to collaborate and work together to increase sales and build your brands! Join us to be a part of the discussion and hear ways that your business can keep up with the every changing tourism market.

    There will be complimentary snacks and cash bar service as we carry on the conversation after Kory’s presentation.

    Many thanks to Lara Davis at Everything Revelstoke for all of her time & energy in planning this great event!
    For any questions or to RSVP please contact Lara Davis @
    (Please RSVP to help determine numbers for food prep. Thanks!)

    Bio – Kory Fawcett is a Canadian Software Engineer, entrepreneur and founder of Zaui Software. Kory is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, first in genetic engineering, and later in Computer Science. In 1999, Kory saw opportunity in the tour and activity space and created Zaui Software, based in Vancouver, BC. Over the past 18 years Zaui has grown from a single customer to hundreds around the world. Kory resides on the board of directors of Avalanche Canada and in his spare time enjoys getting outside and enjoying British Columbia’s backyard including ski touring, rock climbing and biking.

    Presentation Snap Shot: “The Future of Tourism, Cross-selling and Distribution”

    Tourism guests are seeking easier, faster, more immersive ways to research, book and share their experiences with friends and family. Mobile technology connects these tourism experiences seamlessly from city to city and tourism provider to tourism supplier in a digital road map that intersects with every level of guest experience. Meanwhile, suppliers are looking to expand their distribution network, become less reliant on single source booking platforms, and increase their efficiency and ROI for their operations.

    Kory Fawcett has been involved in the evolution of tourism technology, and since 1999 has helped bring the tour and activity sector into the digital age. Over this time, he has seen businesses that adopt new technologies thrive and those who were resistant to change fade away. In his session he will share insights from the past and present, and share his vision for what the future will hold for tourism suppliers.

    Technology now allows local tourism economies to create a network of cooperative opportunities rather than competing for the same tourist dollars. Tour operators are joining forces to offer the best in local destination tourism offerings, creating seamless guest experiences as they go from activity to activity and interact within the network. Kory will show a real life example of this interactive network/guest experience, and spark great conversation.