City of Revelstoke gets $5 million in funding for Townley Street/Victoria Road roundabout, official community plan update

Townley Street intersection project, updated Official Community Plan funded through Federal Gas Tax fund grants.

A preliminary layout of the proposed roundabout at the Victoria Road/Townley Street intersection. The image to the right shows proposed underground infrastructure upgrades to be completed during the project. Photo: City of Revelstoke image

The City of Revelstoke announced today it has received more than $5 million in funding through the Federal Gas Tax Fund for two major projects.

The city has received funding up to $167,040 to integrate the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) into an updated Official Community Plan and $5,078,300 for the Victoria, Fourth Street and Townley Street intersection project.

“I’m excited to see this important project come to fruition,” Acting mayor Linda Nixon said during a media announcement. “In selecting these projects the city is able to further its goals of providing innovation and to strategically plan for the future of the community.”

The integration of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) into the(OCP) will ensure the vision of the community is embedded into the OCP.

Work on the Townley Street intersection has already started, but today’s funding announcement significantly reduces the financial impact on the city Nixon said. The project replaces two complicated intersections on an arterial road with one round about. MIke Thomas, director of engineering, said the Townley Street intersection project is a multi-year project. Part of the project includes replacement of aging underground infrastructure which needs to happen prior to the actual intersection upgrades. The total funding provided for the project is $5,078,300

Next steps for the project include bringing forward a plan for council to consider that includes stakeholder engagement and risk management.

You can read the City of Revelstoke press release here.