Vandal comes forward after window smashed downtown

The person responsible for smashing a window at the Mountain View building overnight has come forward to apologize.

A young man was captured on security video throwing a rock through the window of the Mountain View building on Third Street West at around 2 a.m. on June 22.

The person responsible for smashing a window at the Mountain View building on Third Street West overnight has come forward and apologized.

Operations manager Meghan Porath said the person responsible came forward to apologize on June 27. She said the owners of the building were continuing the conversation with the person responsible.

Original story:

10:51 a.m.

The owners of the Mountain View building are appealing for public tips following another vandalism incident early in the morning of June 27.

Operations manager Meghan Porath shared security footage that shows two young men approaching the building on bikes at around 2 a.m.

One of them is carrying a softball-sized rock when he rides into the frame. He stops and throws the rock through a side window adjacent to the parking lot. After the audible sound of the window smashing, the two then immediately ride off eastbound on Third Street.

Porath said the building has been a target of multiple vandalism incidents. Previously, a rock was thrown through a second storey window, causing damage inside the building in addition to destroying the window. In another incident, the back of the building was hit by a large graffiti mural before, which has since been painted over.

Porath said the vandalism has been frustrating. “We’ve put so much work into this building to make it a place people want to come to,” she said.

The owners of the building, which houses Jones Distilling, Mountain View Medical Centre, and the Third Street Offices, are asking anyone with information to contact the local RCMP with tips.

Note: Our original story included a screenshot of the person throwing the rock and security camera footage of the incident. After the individual came forward his age was determined to be under 18. We’ve since removed the video, which was highly shared on social media on the morning of June 27.