Monday, August 3, 2020
The latest in our Revelstoke Reflections series.
The inspiration for our project 'You are loved' came from the simple idea of love.
'The last of the day's light swept through the valley, highlighting our hydro converted lands in fresh spring growth.'
'We enjoy maintaining relationships with other artists, business owners, community members and we try our best to find new ways of supporting each other.'
Revelstoke artist and illustrator Jess Leahey has created a custom wildflower colouring page based on a photo by photographer Ryan Creary. Download it here.
'For people to feel better that is in the world of the really really big corona virus. I wanted people to feel better, that is really what I was inspired of.'
'I wrote it for my daughter Annabelle.'
'I do tattoos for a living, so I have had a lot of time off with this epidemic. So I have been painting lots of tattoo flash.'