Canadian comedian Mike Delamont hilariously portrays everyone’s favourite deity in God Is A Scottish Drag Queen

Dressed in a floral power suit, the omnipotent playwright descends from above to skewer everything from Justin Bieber to the Pope.

Mike Delamont towers on stage as he plays the character of God barefoot and decked out in a floral dress and pearls. Photo: handout

In God Is A Scottish Drag Queen one of the world’s most famous deities has a few things to clear up with the people he created. At over six-feet tall comedian Mike Delamont towers on stage as he plays the character of God barefoot and decked out in a floral dress and pearls. The show is sure to have you in gut-splitting laughter as Delamont, playing God, lets off a bit of steam when it comes to what humans have been doing, or not been doing. No one is off the hook as he skewers everything from Justin Beiber to the Mayan Calendar.

God was very nearly an English Drag Queen. In fact when Delamont first introduced the character back in his days as part of the comedy sketch troupe Atomic Vaudeville, God was indeed an English Drag Queen. Delamont wore a fiery red wig and huge Lady Gaga-style glasses. It was a flop; the audience didn’t connect with the character at all.

Delamont quickly ditched the wig and glasses for more matronly attire, including a floral power suit, and decided the accent needed to be more lilty and fun.

“The Scottish accent makes the audience aware that the character is in on the joke. It adds a cheeky ‘wink’ quality to it,” said Delamont.

The character debuted in 2006 during an episode of Atomic Vaudeville focused on a storyline of a battle of the bands between Jesus and Satan. Delamont played Jesus’ dad in the skit. Once he got the outfit and accent right Delamont says cast members and the audience enjoyed the fact the character of God, who is often seen portrayed as very masculine, was effeminately dressed.

Fast forward to 2011 and Delamont found himself living in Toronto, working three dead-end minimum wage jobs and barely making a living. With no theatre company or sketch troupe wanting to work with him, Delamont decided to write his own show. Since he’d been playing the God character for a few years it made the most sense to develop that into a show. God Is A Scottish Drag Queen premiered in a 60-seat cafe in Victoria, B.C.

“The character had a following in the city and people really enjoyed it. It sold out very fast and helped built the buzz that the show still has today,” said Delamont.

Delamont performed God Is A Scottish Drag Queen at three festivals over the summer of 2011 and made more money doing that than at all three of his part time jobs. The first time he took the show to another city, Montreal in 2012, Delamont confesses he was worried people might not like the character and that he’d just been lucky with the audience from his hometown. Six years on and hundreds of performances in, he thinks he might have been wrong.

Over the years Delamont, who has been nominated for three Canadian Comedy Awards, has performed at a number of well-known comedy festivals including Just for Laughs and the Halifax Comedy Festival. No matter where he performs, Delamont says it’s important for the audience to get the same quality of show.

“I am always grateful that my show is able to play different sized venues. It’s a blast to bring it to towns that are big and tiny. It’s exciting,” he said.

Mike Delamont performs God Is A Scottish Drag Queen at the Revelstoke Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, April 12 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 available at and the Revelstoke Visitors Centre.