Brief: Thomas Brook, Camozzi Bench areas added to city of Revelstoke development cost charge map

Development cost charges help offset costs of increased demands new developments add to existing services such as sewer and water.

Mayor and council candidates have been announced for the upcoming Oct. 20 municipal election. Photo: Modified City of Revelstoke logo

Revelstoke city council gave approval for the annexations of Thomas Brook and Camozzi Bench to be added to the city’s existing development cost charge map. The two areas are added to the Arrow Heights cost charge schedule C.

Development cost charges are monies municipalities and regional districts can collect from land developers to help offset costs related to increases in services incurred as a direct result of new developments. Among these are increases in demand for sewer, water, drainage and roads.

A map of the DCC Area A schedule. Image: city of Revelstoke.

The Camozzi Bench annexation includes the controversial Tree House Hotel proposed by local developer David Evans, which received city council’s approval in 2016. Thomas Brook residents voted in favour of being annexed into the city of Revelstoke, also in 2016, in order to get much needed sewer and water upgrades.

The city provided opportunity for public feedback and did not receive any comments.

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