Brief: Revelstoke’s Advisory Planning Commission feedback on proposed Fairfield Marriott Hotel

More local wood products, additional landscaping, improved pedestrian safety are among advisory committee's recommendations

A front detail of the proposed Fairfield Marriott Hotel. Photo: proponent image via City of Revelstoke

The City of Revelstoke’s Advisory planning commission wants to ensure the recently proposed Fairfield Marriott Hotel will be aesthetically pleasing, and is asking for the proposed design to include the use of more local wood products.

During a recent meeting, the APC reviewed the permit application for the hotel and are now referring the application to City of Revelstoke staff along with several recommendations:

-Additional landscaping be provided at the rear of the hotel, which faces Victoria Road.

-Specify larger caliper trees on the whole property.

-Look at a variation of hotel placement to improve viewscape from Victoria Road.

-Increase aesthetics of the building by using a variation of texture and materials, including more local wood.

-Review fire protection.

-Address pedestrian safety at the rear of hotel.

The recommendations from the APC are included as correspondence for review by Revelstoke city council at their regular council meeting on Tuesday, May 8.