Brief: Revelstoke city council supports temporary ban on recreational pot shops

Other B.C. municipalities have implemented similar measures while they wait for finalization of federal, provincial legislation.

Cannabis plants. Photo: James St. John via Flickr Creative Commons Licence

Recreational marijuana shops aren’t likely to pop up in Revelstoke anytime soon.

An interim ban on recreational cannabis production and distribution within the city received the support of Revelstoke city council. Nigel Whitehead, director of development services, said the temporary ban would ensure staff have time to prepare municipal regulations and consider factors such as sales locations, distances from schools, and whether liquor retailers would be allowed to sell recreational cannabis.

“If nothing is in place when federal legislation goes into place, [recreational cannabis] sales could be permitted in any zone. I think this is something we want a bit more control over,” said Whitehead.

Councillor Connie Brothers said she felt staff’s proposal is a wise decision for Revelstoke, saying it gives the city time to think about how to best move forward.

“I think this is a good idea,” she said.

The proposed interim ban refers only to recreational cannabis and is separate from medical marijuana. In addition, when it comes to consumption of cannabis, this is covered under the city’s clean air bylaw. Whitehead said other municipalities in B.C. have implemented similar measures as they wait for finalization of federal and provincial legislation.

A public hearing needs to be held before the interim ban on zoning applications for recreational cannabis becomes a reality. The public hearing will take place sometime in May.