Brief: Revelstoke city council approve revised heritage alteration permit for Minto Manor

Work on the historic home remained at a standstill for five months after city discovered unapproved change to roof height.

Photos depicting Minto Manor prior to the start of renovations in the summer of 2017 and historic photos. Photo: City of Revelstoke.

Revelstoke city council voted in favour of allowing construction on the historic Minto Manor to continue via a revised heritage alteration permit.

Revelstoke city staff had issued a stop work order on construction renovations at the historic Mackenzie Avenue house after discovering completed work had altered the original form of the building. The stop work order was issued on December 7, 2017 after discovering the installation of new engineered roof trusses significantly altered the height of the building.

File photo: Proposed changes to the east facing side of Minto Manor. Photo: City of Revelstoke.

A report to council noted the change in the appearance of the exterior structure was not authorized by council through the Heritage Alteration Permit Process. City staff sought input from a third-party heritage consultant who noted, “the impact of these changes has been devastating to the original heritage value of the building.” The owner of Minto Manor also obtained input from two third-party heritage consultants to offer solutions and that the applicant has worked with staff over the past five months on the revised proposal.

City planner Daniel Sturgeon provided council with a report outlining two options to resolve the increased height and modified character of the building:

-Removal and reconstruction of the entire roof structure to bring it into compliance with the original Heritage Alteration Permit approved by council at the regular council meeting on July 25, 2017.

-Retention and mitigation of the modified building form.

Sturgeon said given the financial cost associated with removing and reconstructing the roof, the owner is opting to purse an amended Heritage Alteration Permit. Council agreed and gave approval for the revised permit at the regular council meeting on Tuesday, June 12.

For more background, read our story from July, 2017 on the Minto Manor renovation.