Brief: Council approves new fire truck

The cost of the 300-gallon water tender is covered by the CSRD as part of the Area B Rural Fire Protection agreement.

A Revelstoke Fire Rescue Services water tender truck relays water from city hydrants to a fire on the Stella-Jones pole yard property in CSRD Area B in May of 2016. The fire was caused by a controlled debris burn that got out of hand after it was whipped up by winds. File photo: Aaron Orlando/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Revelstoke city council gave approval for the fire department to purchase a 300-gallon water tender from Osco Tank and Truck Sales Inc. in the amount of $250,000. Water tenders are vehicles which are specially designed to transport water to a fire scene.

The purchase of the new vehicle is part of the CSRD Area B Rural Fire Protection agreement. Under the agreement the city agreed to acquire the water tender and related equipment to provide fire protection, while the CRSD will pay the cost up to a maximum of $250,000 inclusive.

A report from Revelstoke fire chief Dwayne Voykin said a request for proposals received four responses, ranging in price from $333,943.84 to $374,559.000. The lowest bid amount from Osco Tank and Truck Sales Inc. came in above the budgeted amount. The report notes Voykin negotiated  with Osco and some changes were made in order to reduce costs to fit the available budget.