Brief: BC Hydro announces proof of COVID-19 vaccinations for staff and contractors

Nov. 22 deadline for BC Hydro employees, Jan. 10 deadline for consultants and employees of contractors and sub-contractors.

File photo: The Revelstoke Dam "spilling" water during a wet spring.

BC Hydro will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination from all employees and contractors working at a BC Hydro work site or facility across B.C., including the Site C project. BC Hydro announced the new measures on Oct. 7.

In a statement, BC Hydro set a late November deadline for employees and contractors to be fully vaccinated. “More than 6,000 BC Hydro employees throughout B.C. will be required to be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021. This date aligns BC Hydro with the date announced by the Province of B.C. for the Public Service Agency and allows enough time for unvaccinated employees to be fully vaccinated,” BC Hydro said in a statement.

BC Hydro added that consultants and employees of contractors and sub-contractors will be required to be fully vaccinated by January 10, 2022. BC Hydro is not the direct employer for contract workers and the additional time is required to allow those companies time to align with BC Hydro’s vaccination requirements and implement the required systems and processes.

BC Hydro said it was working with partners to develop the vaccination policy and provide details for accommodations for those who are unable to be vaccinated due to a medically-approved exemption.