Boulder Mountain closed while searchers look for two missing sledders

Boulder Mountain is closed on Sunday as Revelstoke Search & Rescue attempts to locate two inexperienced snowmobilers from the Kelowna area who rented two sleds from a local company Saturday but failed to return them. Their vehicle was found in the Boulder parking lot.

The RCMP crest.

Boulder Mountain is closed to snowmobile access on Sunday as Revelstoke Search & Rescue search for two missing snowmobilers

Revelstoke RCMP say they were notified on Saturday afternoon of two sledders who had not returned from a ride on Boulder Mountain. The pair had rented two sleds from a local snowmobile rental company, but they failed to return the sleds. The pair’s vehicle was located in the Boulder Mountain parking lot, and police said family members confirmed the pair was missing.

The missing men are Taylor Dumonceaux, 24, and Andrew Macleod, 24. They are both from the Kelowna area.

“They are noted to have limited sledding experience, had rented a flare kit and avalanche pack and likely had no food, water or overnight equipment. Cell phone pings have been negative for the two males,” said Staff-Sgt. Grabinsky in a media statement.

Revelstoke Search and Rescue commenced searching shortly after the report was received and were on Boulder Mountain searching for over five hours. There was no last known location for the two men, although some information was received of the two being seen in an area on Boulder Mountain known as the Toilet Bowel.

Revelstoke Search and Rescue have requested and been granted the opportunity to close the mountain today to access from other recreational sledders. They will be using a helicopter as part of their search.

The RCMP said closing the area helps searchers. “This provides SAR a more effective opportunity to locate any persons or sleds on the mountain. This has been done in the past with success. If this is not effective, other means including the re-opening of the mountain, will be considered,” the RCMP said in a statement.

“Updates will provided as soon as received. Information from the public as to the whereabouts of these two males is appreciated.”