Anita Wing Lee reflects on giving during her visit to Revelstoke

Living out of a suitcase for a year, social motivator Anita Wing Lee recently visited Revelstoke, and here discusses the concept of removing the chains of money from her life.

Digital entrepreneur and social conscience motivator Anita Wing Lee. Photo: contributed

by Anita Wing Lee

While I volunteered in the heart of the refugee crisis Lesvos, Greece. This is a place where everyday ordinary people put their lives and health on the line to make sure that refugees were taken care of. This is a place where everyday I met people who left everything behind to escape war and devastation. I live streamed the whole thing on Periscope as a pseudo-undercover journalist-blogger-activitist-humanitarian all in one.

In many ways, I’m no one special. I’m just a girl who wanted to help people. My experience live-streaming the refugee crisis in Greece really showed me the power of being the media. So many of my viewers had no idea what was going on in the Refugee Crisis.

I did countless interviews to cover all sides of the refugee crisis. People was what was happening on the ground, raw and unedited. People donated thousands of dollars to support refugee relief.

I was even joined by a fellow live-streamer Amrit Singh of NowHumanity for eight days and during that time we reached over 30,000 live viewers. Our online communities helped us to over- fund our Kickstarter campaign by 127% so that we can write about our experiences.

I had started a ripple effect of inspiration and impact that couldn’t be stopped.

When I came back to North America at the end of February, I had a few options for what to do next. I went back to my original question: how can I serve? Where can I make the biggest impact?

My viewers still wanted to know how they could help. I wanted to do more events domestically to raise awareness. I had learned so many important lessons in Greece that I wanted to share.

The stars aligned when a conversation with Amanda Hathorn-Geary and I decided to go to Revelstoke to lend my voice and insight to the local Fundraising efforts of Revelstoke For Refugees.

Revelstoke, a town of 7,000 has raised $45,000 of the $60,000 needed to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to Canada. It an inspirational example of what people can do when we band together.

Now my life is funded by a combination of private donations, crowdfunding, sponsors and most importantly, minimalist living. I keep my personal expenses as low as possible and in return, most of what gets donated to me goes back into the advocacy and humanitarian work I do.

Giving truly is living. It unlocks the doors in people’s hearts to also give and we add this new paradigm. I hope that by sharing my story, you will be inspired to create a life were you get to on world-changing projects and be part of this ripple effect.

For the past two weeks Anita speaking at and hosting multiple events in Revelstoke. See the full listing here:

Follow Anita’s journey at and Anita live-streams everyday on her Periscope channel @anitawingee.