Brief: 5G comes to Revelstoke

The future of mobile connectivity has come to Revelstoke with the arrival of TELUS's 5G network.


Revelstoke now has access to 5G network, this following an announcement by TELUS that the new higher-speed network is active here.

TELUS is investing $13 billion in infrastructure and operations in British Columbia through 2024. Local residents and businesses now have access to the telecom company’s 5G network as part of the larger plan to provide 70 per cent of the Canadian population with access to this faster network by the end of 2021.

“​​The ongoing expansion of our next-generation 5G technology is bridging time and distance, allowing residents to live and work in any community without compromising productivity or economic opportunity,” TELUS President and CEO Darren Entwistle said in a release.

The expansion will include coverage in 615 communities across Canada, including 187 communities in British Columbia, by the end of this year. The company estimates that 5G will create 250,000 jobs and contribute $150 billion to Canada’s economy over the next 20 years.