RCMP locate submerged truck in Jared Szabo missing person case

Police confirm they have located a truck similar to that of missing Revelstoke resident Jared Szabo, but they have been unable to positively identify the truck because it's submerged in a dangerous section of the Fish River near Beaton.

Missing person Jared Szabo, 29, was last seen on Aug. 1 in the Beaton area.

The B.C. RCMP have confirmed they have located a truck submerged in the Fish River near Beaton, B.C. that is similar to the one owned by missing Revelstoke resident Jared Szabo.

Szabo, 29, was last seen on Tuesday, Aug. 1 in Beaton, and searchers from the Arrow Lakes area began searching for him later in the week after he was reported missing on Aug. 3.

In a statement, RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said that the truck they have located is similar to Szabo’s, but they haven’t been able to confirm it is his.

“The Nakusp RCMP has confirmed that through the course of the search this weekend, a vehicle similar to that of Szabo’s was located in the Fish River along with fresh signs of a vehicle leaving the road on the Fish River Road. Due to the high water conditions SAR swift water technicians are unable to reach the submerged vehicle.”

To date, searchers have conducted air and ground searches and have also searched parts of the Fish River downstream from the truck.

In a telephone interview with the Mountaineer, Cpl. Moskaluk said that although a truck has been located, police have been unable to positively identify the truck because it is located in a section of the river too dangerous to be reached by rescuers.

“There are tire signs that indicate that the vehicle went down an embankment and into the river,” Moskaluk said.

He said it was unknown when the truck can be searched. Water flows of the section of the river aren’t likely to come down soon, leaving a question mark as to when authorities will be able to search inside the vehicle.

“There will be an assessment of the water conditions to determine if it’s safe to do so,” Moskaluk said.  “It’s trying to figure out how we can safely get to that vehicle. That’s not going to happen very quickly.”

“[Searchers] have done extensive searches of the river area below this scene,” Moskaluk added.

As for a possible passenger in the vehicle, Moskaluk said there are no other reports of other missing persons in the area.

Jared Szabo is described as 29 year old, 6 feet tall, 177 pounds with brown hair and eyes.