Evacuation alert update: Galena Bay fire ‘favourable for good outcome’

Fire officials say they're making progress on the Galena Bay fire, but an evacuation alert remains in effect.

The Galena Bay area fire pictured on Aug. 3 from the Upper Arrow Lake ferry. Photo: Robyn Conway/Revelstoke Mountaineer

Update: Aug. 8, 9:50 a.m.

A statement from the Revelstoke and Area Emergency Management Program said crews had good success yesterday on the Galena Bay Fire by focusing on the base of the fire.

“Fire crews have actioned three quarters of the west flank of the fire and have a hose line and sprinkler line working the base,” the statement read. “There are a total of 12 staff on site and a reassessment of operations will be transpiring today. Our next update will be at 4 p.m.”

Original story, Aug. 7

In an Aug. 7 update on the Galena Bay wildfire situation that has prompted an evacuation alert for the rural area, fire officials now say the prospects for a good outcome are “favourable.”

The update from the City of Revelstoke and Columbia Shuswap Regional District said that firefighters have established a control line at the base of the mountainside fire. “Heavy equipment and helicopter bucketing operations continue to operate at the fire,” read the Aug. 7 media release. “The weather forecast looks favourable for a good fire outcome. A Type 1 initial attack crew is on site fighting the fire on the ground.”

Currently, the modified response fire is listed at 169 hectares in area. Currently, there are 13 firefighters, two helicopters and two pieces of heavy equipment working on a fire.

Crews are working on the west flank of this fire with the aid of helicopters and heavy equipment. Crews continue to put guard in and are working to widen existing guard in some areas.

The evacuation alert remains in effect. For more on the evacuation alert and how to be prepared, see our original story on the fire here, or follow this link to the CSRD emergency management website.