City of Revelstoke: Illegal watering putting fire protection at risk, tickets will be issued

The City of Revelstoke is warning residents that illegal watering is putting the city's fire protection at risk. City staff will start ticketing offenders and they are warning that further restrictions could come into place if the situation doesn't change.


The City of Revelstoke is warning residents they will be issued a ticket if they are caught watering against regulations.

In an Aug. 4 statement, city officials said water resources are being “stretched” during the prolonged heat wave.

The statement said that illegal watering is taxing the water system, which is putting the community’s fire protection at risk because city reservoirs can’t be adequately replenished overnight.

“Watering in the evening and outside of your watering days are depleting reservoirs below the fire storage level and putting the community [at risk] making it difficult to replenish the reservoirs overnight, putting the community’s fire protection and safety at risk,” said city engineering director Mike Thomas in the statement.

In Revelstoke, water sprinklers are allowed from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. every other day according to your address: odd numbered addresses on odd-numbered dates, even on even. Hand watering is permitted anytime.

The city warns that if usage is not decreased, “stage 2” watering restrictions could be implemented, which would restrict watering to hand-watering only.

For more on the watering rules, see the city’s brochure via this link (PDF):